Hey, I'm Shawna!

At my core, I'm a creator.

In order to feel fulfilled, passionate and productive, I need to be creating. This comes in many forms from writing, to painting, to DIYing, and, of course, jewellery making.
I started Everpressed in 2018, but I've been making jewellery for as long as I can remember – I even made and sold my jewellery at family garage sales when I was a kid.
Everpressed began by combining my loves: creativity, jewellery and flowers.
I create nature inspired jewellery and accessories with real preserved botanicals. Many of the flowers I use are local, picked from my own garden or purchased from other farms and florists. Then I press and preserve each item in clear resin for a lasting memento. One of my favourite things about creating is that because every flower is unique, each piece is always completely one of a kind.

Starting Everpressed has been the best thing I've done. I have learnt so many valuable lessons, I have failed many times, and I've also had many successes. I've met many fellow makers and customers who have inspired me to no end. Myself and my business have grown so much since the beginning, and I've loved every minute of it. Anything I dream up, I have the freedom to create and I'm grateful for this life everyday.