How To Ship Your Flowers

1. Email me at shawna@everpressedjewellery.com at least a week before your wedding date with your address. I will email you a shipping label.

2. Designate a friend or relative to pack and send your bouquet for you. You will be BUSY. You likely won't have time or want to spend the time to pack up and send your bouquet during this busy time. **Be sure to forward the shipping label to your designated friend!

3. Please store your bouquet in water the night after your wedding. 

4. The day after your wedding, have the designated person pack up your bouquet. The sooner it's sent, the sooner I can get it pressing right away.

How to pack:

Fill a baggie with water, and tie it with an elastic band around the stems of your flowers. Wrap the stems paper towel. Pick a box that's bigger than your bouquet so it's not squished. Use newspaper to pad the bottom of your box. Wrap your bouquet VERY loosely with tissue paper or paper towel. Place it in the box. Pad all sides of the bouquet with crunched newspaper. Tape up the box, attach the shipping label and drop it off at the post office asap. 

All done! I'll email you once I've received your bouquet.

**If you have to wait to Monday to ship, ensure the bouquet is stored in water in the fridge, until you pack it up.